Saturday, March 10, 2012


  The club scene was a big part of the Harlem Renaissance, and gave birth to new music as well as dance, most famously, swing dancing. Lindy Hop is an early form of swing dancing. In 1935, Herbert “Whitey” White put together a dance group of people in the club scene called Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers (AKA: The Harlem Congaroos.) The group is featured in this crazy scene from the movie “Hellzapoppin’” which brought the dance into a more mainstream light.

  Dance during the Harlem Renaissance was important because it was fun; a way to celebrate African American culture and people, in a country where that culture was marginalized. Jazz music and swing dancing are two great things that were born out of the Harlem Renaissance, and gave life to an important moment in African American history.
  I like Lindy Hop and swing dancing because it’s fun and exciting. It’s not one of those weird dance moves that go out of style in a decade, it was a cultural movement, and it still isn’t out of style. I admire the dancers in this video, and all dancers in general, because dancing is something I’ve always enjoyed, but never been good at.


  1. MOLLY! I find your blog aesthetically pleasing. I really like your description of why you like the dancing. I also lolled at 1:10.

  2. thanksss, haha yeah i know there are definitely some awk dance moves in there :P